No fancy features,
No hard configurations

Add to your server, give it the correct permissions, get notified!

Tarkov Changes Notifier monitors and when new changes are detected sends a message to your Discord server.


Authorize tarkov changes to access your your discord server.

Block it!

Deny access to everything! yes ... Everything!
The bot does not need nor wants access to all your channels and only sends messages to the first channel it finds with the right permissions.
Each server is different, and there are multiple ways of doing this, but the point is:
Only allow the bot in the channel you want, or you might get the notifications on a random one!

Allow it!

The bot needs the following permissions on the channel you want it to send the notifications to:

  • View Channel
  • Send Messages
  • Read Messages

Get notified!

Tarkov Changes Notifier will send a message to the channel when new changes are published at

You can also ask about changes by writing $TarkovChanges!

Found it usefull?

This project was built just for the fun of building and automating things.
It is provided for free and as is and will never have any intent of generating profit!
If you found it of use and you still want to support the costs of maintaining it, here is how you can do it: